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Who I Am


Welcome to my personal website! I'm a seasoned programmer and entrepreneur with a passion for data, technology, and media. As a Typescript programmer, my preferred stack includes React, React Native, Node, and Nest.js.

Whether it's building immersive mobile applications or developing robust back-end systems, my goal is to combine my technical expertise with a passion for digital preservation, ensuring that valuable media is not only accessible but cherished for years to come.

As a forward-thinking, results-driven developer, I am always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to grow my skills and knowledge. If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced full- stack developer to help bring your vision to life, don't hesitate to get in touch.

What I Do

Javascript & Typescript Development


How I Do It

General Tools

  • github
  • vscode
  • vercel

Front End Technologies

  • html
  • css
  • sass
  • react
  • react-native
  • nextjs
  • webflow
  • jest
  • redux

Back End Technologies

  • node
  • express
  • nestjs
  • postgres
  • sqlite
  • jest
  • prisma
  • passport
  • bull
  • compodoc
  • oauth
  • pm2

Cloud Services

  • aws
  • backblaze
  • bunny
  • digital-ocean

Project Management

  • drive
  • notion
  • slack
  • trello

Where To Find Me


  • website
  • github
  • linkedin
  • twitter


  • github
  • linkedin
  • instagram
  • reddit

How To Contact

Have a question, an idea, or just want to say hi? I'm all ears! Every new message I receive adds a little spark to my day. So don't be a stranger - use the form below to drop me a line. Looking to start a new project or need some advice? I'm here to help. And who knows? Your message might be the start of something awesome.